Friday, July 6, 2007

On Pointe by Lorie Ann Grover

I'm back to books by the Readergirlz Divas. I wasn't sure I would like On Pointe because I don't dance. And then I opened it up and saw that it's a novel in verse. I get distracted by those; I pay too much attention to the line breaks.

Guess what happened... I forgot about the form. I wanted to know what Clare would do after her City Ballet audition. I loved her grandfather along with her. I wished her mom would stop "digging up the dead horse to beat it again," or however Grampa phrased it. My heart leapt when they made the harmonica discovery. I suspected Clare would be the one to push Grampa to church on Sundays.

Overall, I surprised myself by making the leap from Clare's specific goal of being a professional dancer to the more general understanding that the story is about dreams and trying and being happy with who you are (powerful statements on body image and bulimia here) and doing what you love.

Thanks for another good one, Readergirlz!